3 chocolate shops to try out in bruges

Whoever knows me, knows that I enjoy food as much as I enjoy breathing, basically! I literally make food trips, where I discover new dishes, enjoy them thoroughly and then write on the blog about them 😛 that’s me for you! So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that while I was traveling through Belgium, in a fabulous road-trip, I have stopped in the quaint little town of Bruges and enjoyed some of the famous Belgian chocolate that it has to offer. And because I am willing to share everything with you, I have to share also my favorite 3 chocolate shops to try out in Bruges!

This is a small chocolate shop. I haven’t been able to identify a website and, as I understood from the man serving us, they do not ship outside of Belgium (not even outside Bruges, for that matter! ☹).
So, here you have a small chocolate shop, offering a variety of chocolates, in different forms and sizes, with different flavours.

When you first enter the shop, you might find yourself wondering how this can be. It is such an organized chaos of boxes, chocolates, various chocolate-related gifts. The main attraction for everybody entering the shop needs to be the chandelier! Smack in the middle of the shop you have a wonderful crystal chandelier, reigning over everything the chocolate has to offer. The vintage air of the shop made me feel so comfortable, as it was very welcoming. Add to this the sweetness of the smell and I could have lived there forever 😛

We were served by a very nice man. He was smiling constantly and explaining here and there, about various types of chocolates. He was amused of our faces – imagine we were constantly uuhing and aahing around the place 🙂

My travel buddy and I had some truffles from them and they were absolutely delicious. The chocolate was so flavoured and smooth, my taste buds could hardly believe it. I am so sorry that I did not try something more from them, but, for sure, I will visit again

We have been guided to this place by the staff at the Chocolate Museum in Bruges. I was specifically told to try out their hot chocolate. And… if I just may… it was heaven!

First off, what strikes you when you enter the shop is the design. You actually have a real size anaconda snake hanging from the ceiling. Top that with a tree house, complete with a table and chairs and you have yourself the perfect jungle like location.

I tried their hot chocolate, but had the guy at the counter make it with cold milk, as it was extremely hot outside and I wasn’t in the mood for any hot drink. Admittedly, I did get my fair share of side eye, but… eventually, I got my cold milk, hot chocolate 😊

My honest expectation was that it would taste different because of the cold milk, but I was completely wrong! It had the same exquisite taste as would actual hot chocolate. I loved the taste of the chocolate and I was craving more as soon as I finished my cup. It is truly addictive! The interesting fact was that, apparently, the recipe was the same as the Mayan one, so… I wonder if that’s the reason why I enjoyed it so much 😛

Apart from the Mayan recipe, the Choco-Jungle Bar also serves hot chocolate based on Aztec recipe, Italian recipe and Madame de Sévigné recipe. Each of these have a different ingredient added, that makes it unique.

If I hadn’t had so much chocolate the entire day, I might have chosen a second cup of hot chocolate. Or a third… there is no limit here 😊 😊

In contrast with the first two chocolate shops presented, this one is high-end. It is a well known luxury chocolate brand, created in Brussels, with stores all over Belgium.

I decided to put it on my chocolate shops not to miss in Bruges, because everybody needs to enjoy, at least once in a lifetime, a luxury chocolate praline.

The store that I visited was located right in the city center of Bruges, so it was extremely busy. However, we enjoyed a perfect service, we were offered information on all the available choices and instructed on what to get, based on our preferences.

Their most known pieces were made out of ganache infused with fruits and flowers. I can attest to the fact that they were exquisite. Very well presented, you kind of felt ashamed to eat them 😊 but, that quickly passed once you started eating them. While I may not be a chocolate connoisseur (apart from the fact that I eat a lot of chocolate!), the quality of the chocolate used made a real difference in the taste of the praline. The smoothness and richness of the taste strikes you from the first bite and the subtle flavour that you have chosen (may it be a fruit or a flower) only complements the experience.

As with everything “luxurious”, the prices of the chocolates and other chocolate products from the shop are higher than in other locations. If you do decide to try out and skip the price tag, I might add that it is worth the experience.

Bruges was, indeed, an incredible experience in terms of chocolate. I am already making plans in my mind to go back and enjoy some more of this “guilty pleasure”. What about you?

2019 disclaimer: all photos used in this post are marked with “the traveling tulip”. I have handed over the brand to the travel agency I own, but I remain connected to it. There are no copyright claims.