5 reasons to visit paris

Up until now, I haven’t heard of anybody not wanting to visit Paris – this place needs to be seen at least once in a lifetime. Buuut, for those of you who still aren’t convinced, here are 5 reasons to visit Paris. These were pretty important to me when I decided to take my mom to visit Paris (ok, these and the fact that she really wanted to go :P)

#1 In Paris, you can drink champagne at any time of day (and night!)

And that’s not all – if you do not like to drink just champagne, there are a lot of champagne based cocktails. My personal favorite is Kir Royale – here is the link on how to prepare it yourself (you’re welcome! 😊). I had this the first time I came to Paris, in June 2016 and it has been a favorite ever since. You can easily do it at home (and I certainly don’t mean the hotel room!) or you can order it – most of the bartenders will know what you are talking about.

I am sure I don’t need to tell you many things about champagne. This magnificent French drink is known worldwide. In France, drinking champagne is like drinking water! So, nobody will look at you strangely if you find yourself ordering champagne at 10 am in the morning. You can, of course, buy yourself a good bottle of champagne, from a local épicerie (this is some sort of grocer’s!) and just enjoy a glass (or two!) before heading out for a nice sightseeing tour.

#2 There are a lot of bistros (and they have happy hours!!)

So… wherever you look around Paris, you will for sure find a cute little bistro to sit at. Look for the ones where you see a lot of locals hanging around -those are the best! Whenever I go somewhere, if I see a place that the locals frequent, I tend to choose that one, rather than any place Trip Advisor or any app would recommend. The reason is simple – if a local would eat there, then it’s definitely not a tourist trap.

Most of the bistros in Paris have happy hours during the evenings. Don’t be afraid to sit down, order a glass of champagne (or a glass of whatever, if you’re not into champagne) and relax yourself after a long day of walking around. If you add a small plater of fromage or charcuterie (cheese or meat products), your evening will be perfect. I was surprised to see how many people were out in Paris, laughing the evening away and simply chatting and enjoying themselves.

#3 You get to eat all those fancy French sweets

Who hasn’t heard of macarons? This French desert is so known, I am convinced that you have already had one or two in your days. But why not try the “original” ones? Macarons can be found at any confiseries (cake shops) or even in  pâtisseries (pastry shops) and there are around 1 EUR a piece. Of course, in the more fancy cake shops they can go for 20 EUR for 8 pieces. But, more often than not, it is more worth to buy them from smaller cake shops and help local small business grow. Apart from the macarons, there are so many other sweet treats that you can dive in. And you don’t even need to count the calories. With how much walking you are getting done in Paris, I am sure you’ll burn off whatever you eat 😊

#4 The Parisian buildings are heaven for the architecture lovers

With me being one of those (architecture lovers, I mean!), I took so many shots of buildings that it was hard for me to choose some to put on the blog. The architecture in Paris has a history of its own and I was amazed at how well preserved older buildings are, especially in the residential areas. I particularly loved those Beaux-Arts style apartment buildings, with little balconies made out of wrought iron, decorated with flowers. Some of these were so small that only a chair and a tiny round table would fit, but that would be enough to make them even more chic and to make you want to go ahead and buy an apartment directly in the middle of Paris. Bad news for anyone who has plans of moving to Paris after seeing these photos – the apartments in Paris are very expensive and there is a lot of paper work to be completed in order to qualify to be a home owner in Paris.

Nevertheless, when you do travel to Paris you can always gaze (free of charge!) at all the exquisite buildings. Just watch your step – I can tell you from personal experience that, with your eyes always up to discover some new architectural details, you might trip and fall (:D:D:D).

#5 There are so many history rich spots to visit in Paris

France, in general and Paris, in particular, are full of history and, for the connoisseurs, they are a heaven to visit. There are so many outstanding spots that you can visit in Paris, that you need to take enough time for everything.

Of course, if you travel to Paris only for the week-end, like I did, here are all the spots that I visited while I was there – maybe it gives you more ideas on how to spend a week-end in Paris 😛

Did I convince you? If not, I am not sure what will. But, if yes, enjoy a glass of champagne for me on a bistro terrace in Paris 😀