casa bertha, sighisoara, romania – a home away from home

Accommodation in Sighisoara is not hard to find. Finding the best accommodation might be another story though.

When I set out to spend a night in Sighisoara, I did what I do most of the times – I went online. And I started looking… and comparing… and then looking some more. In the end, I settled on Casa Bertha (Bertha House). A small little B&B, just perfect for what I needed. And, as it turns out, it is perfect for everything 😊

The story...

casa bertha

Casa Bertha is located very close to one of the entrances in the Sighisoara medieval citadel, near the Tailors’ Tower. It is a cute, little bed and breakfast type of inn, owned and run by a couple, Angi and Simi.

They came back to Romania, with their children, after spending many years in Spain. They decided that they wanted to do something else, so they bought an old house (as in 18th century old! :P), renovated it and created a cozy place where travelers can enjoy not only the Romanian way of life, but also a bit of Transylvanian Saxon hospitality.

casa bertha

In Sighisoara, there are some strict rules in terms of old houses being renovated. That is why, Angi and Simi decided to keep as much as possible the initial aspect of the house. They painted the outside white, as it was one of the colors the house had before. Not only that, but on the ground floor you can still see parts of the original walls of the house. As in any scenario of the kind, when they set out to refurbish the interiors, they found many things that needed to completely replace. Like the wooden beams consolidating the house, for example. They knew exactly how to handle this! And I must admit, they have done a marvelous job at it. They used some of the old wooden beams to decorate the rooms, giving them an air of old, which only added to my overall feeling of delight 😛

The rooms...

One of the things that I most enjoyed was the fact that the b&b is small. There are only 4 rooms to rent and each of them has been elegantly decorated.

Each room has been named after a guild that was present, in the past, in Sighisoara. That is why you’ll have the Carpenters’ room, the Tailors’ room, the Weavers’ room and the Ironsmiths’ room. Of course, each room is decorated to attest to the craft of the respective name bearers. You can either have beautifully painted furniture (Angi is very talented and she reconditions various pieces of furniture, restoring them their former glory), wonderfully woven bed spreads, with typical Romanian motifs or even an old Singer sewing machine (most likely a very old one, as both Angi and Simi are passionate about antiques).

casa bertha
casa bertha

I spent the night in the Ironsmiths’ room and I absolutely loved it. There are two twin beds in the room – the high type ones 😊😊 which you can only love. The room was decorated in such a familiar way, that I felt so comfortable, so natural. It was like I was home. The furniture was a typical Transylvanian Saxon one, which you can easily recognize from the bright colors and beautiful flower motifs. The piece de resistance in the room had to be the old wooden chest. Back in the day, chests like the one in the room were used to store the linens, cloths and everything needed to establish the dowry of a young lady. Imagine all the marvels that could be found there. I sure would have loved to see what a lady would have needed to bring with her in the house of her new husband (‘cause basically that’s how things were back then :P). The small touches, like the lamps, the comfy pillows or the gorgeous green stand for the towels and other toiletries really make the room special and the travelers clearly realizes the passion that Angi and Simi have put in decorating the rooms.

The food...

The first thing that you need to do when you get to Casa Bertha (ok, the first thing after you tell Angi and Simi who you are!) is to ask to have a glass of sour cherry liquor, home made by Simi. If Simi doesn’t offer it first, as he is very proud of it 😊 

I had some when I visited, and it was, hands down, one of the best I ever tried. Enjoy it while listening to Angi and Simi telling their story and you will immediately feel like part of the family.

While I stayed at Casa Bertha, I tried the breakfast that they had to offer. And it was… amazing. You know by now that I am a total foodie and I love to enjoy my meals thoroughly. Well, Angi made a perfect breakfast, just what I needed after getting up really early in the morning to take some great photos in the citadel. Sunny side up eggs, various pork meats and cheeses, different types of sweets and jams, the most wonderful cup of coffee. 

To top everything, a surprise arrived just as I was about to get up from the table. Chocolate and sweat cream Romanian pancakes. Romanian pancakes resemble the French crepes, so they usually are served either with jam or chocolate. I mean, it was definitely the cherry on top and I could not have been more delighted.

casa bertha

There’s more…

casa bertha

Also on the ground floor, there is part of the old cellar. There is where you can enjoy your breakfast or the sour cherry liquor. And there is where you can let your imagination run wild. Wonder about how the house was organized back in the day, imagine all the bottles of wine, winter produce and preserves that were stored here and how the life was overall. 

I always enjoyed visiting old places and just create stories in my mind of what life would have been in that time 😊 Angi and Simi are always willing to sit and tell you about how they renovated the house, how it was initially organized or from where the name Bertha comes 😛

casa bertha

One other thing that I really need to tell you about is the store. Yeap, there is even a store – Bolda de Fer. I told you that both Angi and Simi are passionate about antiques, so they own a store, located on the ground floor of the b&b (while the rooms are on the first and second floor). Their store is always filled with gems. I could spend an entire day looking at all the stuff they have on display and still not get bored. If you are on the lookout for something to decorate your house or even an item of clothing that is definitely special, the store is the perfect place to check out. 

casa bertha

If you are in the mood to enjoy some fresh air, worry not. In the inner courtyard, there are places where you can sit and listen to people passing by, hurrying to visit some more of the gorgeous citadel, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee and making plans. The decorations are mainly Romanian style, but you will definitely have some Transylvanian Saxon and Transylvanian Hungarian as well. Because that’s the entire idea behind Casa Bertha – it tastefully combines the three styles present in Transylvania, each with its own typical motifs, but all coming together to create a wonderful whole.

I am convinced that you have just started looking for the b&b online 😊 If you do book through their website, you might get a discount (you’re welcome! 😊) If you do get a chance to visit Casa Bertha, give Angi and Simi some hugs from me 😉