visual guide – copenhagen, denmark

It all starts with a walk and a boat ride...

I sometimes get to travel for business 🙂 🙂 yeeey me! This time around, my business took me to Copenhagen, for 3 days and, although I had to work also, I did get the chance to visit a bit of this beautiful city and to enjoy the fine Scandinavian weather 🙂  Truth be told, I did not get to see any museums, specific locations or find some hidden gems, but I walked around and took a lot of photos :P. Because, as you know, I like to share my travel experiences, here is a visual guide of my trip to Copenhagen 😛

Quick practical tip: if you have limited time in Copenhagen, one of the best ways to see the city is with a boat ride. This takes you around the Copenhagen canals, but also out on the sea and you get to find out a lot of things about Copenhagen, its history and its buildings. I did one of these boat trips and it was amazing 😊 Not to mention, this is how I found out that Copenhagen has the cleanest urban waters in Europe. People are fully taking advantage of this and you can see swimmers all around the canals.

Of course, specific locations, such as Nyhavn or Christianshavn are famously known for their picturesque buildings, old wooden ships moored around the canals and the overall sensation of full relaxation. I mean, c’mon… who hasn’t seen so far a snap of the colourful, 17th century old Danish houses in Nyhavn or of the red bricked apartment buildings alongside the canal in Christianshavn? 😛

What I loved most about walking around Copenhagen was how different architectural styles merge together to create a whole. In Copenhagen, 17th century landmarks and mansions are beautifully complemented by late 19th century residential boroughs and cultural institutions, everything with a touch of modernization, with 20th century industrial buildings blending perfectly in the urban scenery. I guess that is why Copenhagen is Europe wide praised for its urban planning skills 😊

All in all, Copenhagen did leave a nice impression on me. Admittedly, I would have perhaps liked some more time to explore some hidden gems or to thoroughly emerge in the Danish way of life, but just catching a glimpse of Copenhagen was enough for me, at this time.